You are not alone, girl. xo

I’ve been trying to write. To figure out what to say here.

A truly modern conundrum: I know I want a blog, but I don’t know how to get started. I know I am a writer deep inside, but I’ve written nothing public.

That said, I cannot be a writer if I continue not to write. So here we are. And here we go.

As I binge-watched “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” this weekend, I remembered what I love about comedy, and storytelling in general. Through the IRL lol’s at Jerry Seinfeld’s apathy towards human existence and the various quips from his guests, I realized that an undertone to the show is that comedy is cathartic.

Storytelling is inclusive of others. And empathy can be gained from understanding others’ experiences and seeing your own through someone else’s eyes. When a comic expresses the absolute social anxiety they find in a mundane task, or points out a quirky societal norm, the laugh isn’t at them as much as it’s with them.

How comforting to know that someone else out there is as bananas as we are?

How relieving to be able to laugh at your own social conformity in absurd rituals?

Standup comedy has always been important in my life, but now I understand just why.

What I’m here to write about in this blog is my life experiences – from being a woman (#smashthepatriarchy) to being a millennial (#selflove) to being single at the moment (#reallyselflove).


But the thread that is woven through each experience I have is GROWTH. I have never stopped growing…becoming extremely resilient (to a fault sometimes) and rising from the dust of failed experiments.

Ah, the great unifier of the human experience: failure.

What have I failed at…or what am I currently doing or not doing that I will look back at in 10 years and realize was utterly ridiculous or not helping my life? How am I changing my awareness and perception now?

My only hope…is that by sharing my voice and my story, others won’t feel so alone.

So won’t you please laugh with me?

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