I rose up, and you can too. [ Sent from the future to ensure it's female ]

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Life Coaching

“But, but what can ya do?”

Well my friend, you can do quite a freaking lot. It just might not be what you think. Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated with the news lately. You watch as sad stories pile up, you watch as some politicians appear more and more removed, and you listen to leaders discuss your rights, or those of your …

Waving Goodbye to My Comfort Zone


There’s a particular thought inside of me that is strong beyond measure. It hits me like hunger pangs from time to time, sometimes when I’m not even expecting it. I can feel it coming when I’m being truly authentic, out in the world, acting silly and capricious…and honestly, just acting like my damn self. I …


I’m turning into my Mother

As I approach the big “three-oh” this year, I can’t help but wonder how I’ve matured in my twenties, and where life is about to take me in my thirties. Turning 30 is a big life step, and commonly synonymous with becoming more of an adult. Adulting to the next level. And much like many …

Self Confidence

Do you see what I see?

I *manifested* this shit. Not all that long ago, I dreamt of a day when I sat in my own apartment in the big city (or at least Chicago is the big city for those of us in the Midwest). When I had a high-energy job, when I was a manager of a team, when …