“But, but what can ya do?”


Well my friend, you can do quite a freaking lot. It just might not be what you think.

Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated with the news lately. You watch as sad stories pile up, you watch as some politicians appear more and more removed, and you listen to leaders discuss your rights, or those of your family or friends, as if we’re all just tamagotchis and not real human beings.

But you are.

You are not powerless. You are not exempt from effort.

You can do something about it. Any of it.

I could not wake up each morning if I didn’t think we would all change the world one day. As a feminist and daughter of two amazing women, I know so strongly that the Future is Female, and I am eager for us to shake some shit up. 

Ruffle some feathers. Change the vantage point.

Could you imagine, let’s say, a Senate filled with empathy and emotional intelligence? Where the society-determined credentials for positions of power were based on well-roundedness and ranked by who has the most wide-reaching perspective to bring?

But that might be a long way away, we still have far to go. What about now?

With female candidates on the rise for local and federal positions in the government, changes are starting. Rumblings are beginning.

That said, politics is not the only arena from which change can be effected. As we’ve seen vividly in the last 1.5 years of this presidential administration, big business is running the show. We have an entire party devoted to protecting their rights, and ultimately trying to keep their money in our country (& theoretically in all of our pockets as employees of those companies).

So let’s change business. I talk and interact with countless entrepreneurs in a week. I am proud to be friends with many woman who have risen up within their fields and plan to rise all the way to the top positions one day, managing teams and firms and their own companies.

Wow, what women could do.

What makes us so special is that I believe women will not drown in the competitive spirit of the past. We will cut the “chain of screaming” (as How I Met Your Mother called it) once and for all. I predict that female leaders will not see their rise in power as a way to “finally have what men had” and fall into familar traps.

Oh no.

We know we’re different.

We deserve equal rights, equal representation, equal pay, etc. But we bring something different to the table, the boardroom, the cabinet.

So, it begs the question(s).

Have you always fancied yourself a mediator? Helping others around you solve a problem. Did you demonstrate leadership skills even on the playground as a child, being the first to organize a riveting game of Red Rover? Do you have ideas for how to change something now, but you’re not sure how to share your opinions?

I implore you to do something.

Do anything. Just do.

Now…I could give you a list of ways to “get out there,” but the thing is, you know them already. You can protest, call your congressperson, ask for a promotion, apply for law school – whatever gets you there – but that’s not going to help right now…today…in this exact second.

Here’s what you can do right meow:

Say out loud “I have achieved great success so far in life”

Followed by “And now I am going to use that to effect change in the world”

Now scream “THE FUTURE IS FEMALE!!!”

“And I am female. And I am the future.”

Did you do it?

What came up for you?

Did you not believe a particular part of those statements? which part?

Did you not believe that you’ve achieved great success yet? Why?

Seriously. I legitimately want to hear from you. I want to help you change that.


‘Cause guess what? I can. That’s why I’m here. This is my way of changing the world.
So drop me a comment, find me on Social, email me, call me.

Let’s freaking do this, ladies.


Rose Up




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