I rose up, and you can too. [ Sent from the future to ensure it's female ]

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Self Confidence


You’re on a blind date. Or maybe you met someone at a party. Maybe you have a lot in common, maybe you have nothing in common. But the conversation at some point or another shifted. It took a serious turn. Quite literally. Towards childhood. Towards pain. Remembering a sad time. A time where you needed …

Waving Goodbye to My Comfort Zone

Who arrrre you? Who Who?

TBH, I’ve done quite a bit of online dating. Starting all the way “back in the day” I used to have Myspace boyfriends (the kind where you never meet but message every day. Ha). I’ve done OKCupid, answering all the personality questions. I’ve tried Tinder, receiving explicit messages at 4am (no thanks). And more recently, …