2021 Strategy Sessions

New year. New Vibes.

YOU’VE CHANGED. What you were doing likely no longer serves you. The world is different now. You’re different now.

The untapped potential and wasted energy this year is…well, a lot. I know for a fact that womxn haven’t had a minute to breathe, let alone think about themselves. So many ideas sidelined, passions put on hold, and balance ignored.

But we can look back on this year with grace for our ourselves. Forgiving what we didn’t accomplish because we were BUSY mentally processing, surviving, and adapting the best we could. (YOU DID THAT!)

Does that all need to be carried into 2021, though? The truth is that despite this year being a dumpster fire, I’ve seen (and helped) womxn get promotions, raising, and increased client business. I’ve seen womxn FINALLY listen to their inner voice, find new opportunities, and align with their values more than ever before. And it if can happen in 2021…why not next year?

Why not you?

Whatever reason has been holding you back, this is your chance to release it. And stop saying “no” the inner voice in your head.

2021 STRATEGY SESSIONS – fast facts:

> 90 minutes, 1 on 1 with me
-> We’ll audit what’s working & not working in your life right now
-> And set goals for how to re-align with what you need
-> We’ll do exercises in real-time
-> You’ll leave with goals, next steps to work on them, and renewed confidence
-> Flexible time slots, weekend times available
-> $150 – Venmo or paypal accepted

Take the first step towards planning your life. Bring in an expert.

Register here:

(e.g. Career movement, Income streams, Personal goals, Passion project)
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