Burnout to Balance


It’s time women finally take a stand against it. And demand balance.

You’ve been allowing burnout in your life for so long it almost feels like second nature. But your priorities have changed over the last few years. Your standards are higher now. What you allow or don’t allow in your life is different now. You’re different now…

And you’re ready for balance.

LET’S BE REAL Society makes us think that burnout can be easily overcome with quick fixes. Numb it with Netflix, Reels scrolling…wine. Read a few self-help books on it or hope a few “self care moments” are going to magically cure it. (note: you deserve more than 5 minutes of quiet time – that’s just a human right, not a self care plan)

But it hasn’t gone away, and this “survival mode” has been overwhelming emotion that you’re, well, sick of feeling. Because you’re better than this right? 

I feel that. And I want to help.

See, burnout is an elusive thing in that we find it easy to define it – a know it when we see it type of thing – but we often avoid confronting it because it means admitting “defeat”. What if it’s isn’t defeat…what if it’s actually super strong to confront it?

Confronting Burnout looks like:

1)  Naming it and working through it (especially the extra, hidden workloads put on women)

2)  Getting to the root of our own burnout cycles (how we cope)

3)  Changing our habits and rituals to serve us (instead of hoping it goes away)




A 6-month personalized mentorship package for the high-achieving woman who is burnt out…and over it.

Who’s ready for balance. Freedom. Peace. To thrive.

But who also needs a practice arena to try things out, stumble, and try again.

This isn’t a big group program where you’ll feel lost in the shuffle. It’s a program, with a twist. This time, it’s personal. 😉

See below for more…


I remember the YEARS spent finding mentors in my own industry at my 9-5 job (15 years in corporate – so I’ve seen some things). 

I was hoping these mentors would see the potential in me, help me thrive, and then help me find success.

At first it worked. I remember in my early twenties, one mentor even helped me negotiate a $20K salary increase. The only problem was. He was drowning. By the time I found another mentor, she was drowning. Everyone seemed to be drowning, and advising the next “generation” to follow in their soggy footsteps. Because “that’s how it goes.

That OR. You get so far up the management food chain (congrats!) that you’ve now been tasked with being Morale Monitor. Team feeling burnt out? Your job is to fix it. Direct reports feeling overwhelmed? Give them all the advice you can and take on their stress. You’re the mentor now, and you just need to bottle up your burn out. 

Did you sign up to be an organizational psychologist when you started your job? Are you being paid that fee for your emotional labor? Didn’t think so. 

The majority of mentors at your job or in your field are doing their best to help you stay in that field. Not question it. Not change paths. Not change course. They are trying to stay in their comfort zone as a means of coping for their own burnout.

And they’re too exhausted to help in any other way.


You feel burnt out so you plan time off: a relaxing weekend, time off, a staycation or vacation.
You “let loose,” “blow off steam,” and stop “adulting” for a brief interlude.

But then the real “trip” begins. The guilt trip.

You start blaming yourself for what you’ve been doing, name calling (“lazy,” “hot mess,” “I wasn’t even a person this weekend.”), and decide what the right and wrong way to relax was. Hindsight is a bitch.

You start to get sarcastic about your relaxation time, getting the “Sunday Scaries” when your stress feels around the corner again (because you didn’t process it), and maybe you even have some hangxiety after drinking a ton to “blow off steam” with your friends.

You wake up on Monday feeling like your life is just living you. A blur. 


You try to make up for “lost” time, pushing hard, convincing yourself that this cycle is actually a personality – you just need to “WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!”

So it’s “work hard” mode again. “Please everyone” mode. Be a “super woman.” mode.

And then you’re back at square one. Having worked too hard. Too fast. Too much. 

Burnt out again.


Rose Up Burnout Cycle Diagram


See the thing is…you’re a high achiever. And yet, you’ve been ignoring that amazing part of who you are. A strong woman. An empowered woman. A cycle breaker. 

Trying to numb or distract yourself after burn out is ignoring the part of you that cares. The feelings you felt. You’re sidelining the awesome parts of you.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, you can see how you’re too smart for this trap.

After identifying burnout…instead of aiming for immediate recuperation, think of it like treating a burn wound. You need time, consistent care, and listening to your body to see what you need. 

This is where practicing balance comes in.

So you can ease back in to your work/art/passions/responsibilities – reflecting and learning from a neutral place, adjusting and auditing what you need, and working smarter, not harder.

Balance is the goal, not back-breaking, Central Nervous System overloads. Balance is your personal recipe and mix of what you need.

Balance will take you to the next level. Give you clarity. Give you back brain space. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS. So you can find your greater purpose and pursue your passions with a clear mind and full heart.


  • The high-achieving, ambitious woman who doesn’t feel so motivated right now…but wants more
  • The woman who feels defeated, deflated, and burnt out from 2020 & 2021 – sick of feeling like she’s in “crisis mode”
  • Single women, moms, wives, or daughters, trying to do it all, care for everyone, help everyone, and STILL pursue their dreams
  • The woman who feels chewed up and spat out of her work-life balancing act, and wants to have real balance in her life again (or maybe for the first time)
  • Who has tried boundaries and self help books, but can’t seem to break the cycle herself
  • Who is ready to learn again – ready to evolve and uplevel to unlock a better life and future for herself (including her greater purpose one day!)
  • Who needs a bit of structure and to re-learn limiting habits, but wants an environment to get “messy” in too – who knows personal accountability will change the game for her
  • The woman who deserves to put herself first for a change (yes, you!) AND is ready to invest in training that goes beyond workplace skills…


Because results do not happen overnight. Thriving doesn’t happen overnight.

And it requires a mix of structure and fluidity.

We’re going to work through 12 weeks of topics and training exercises to re-train your brain and help you be kind to your mind (and future self!). Then 12 more weeks to try it out.

Each week, we’ll chat for 1 hour – a “power hour” if you will. Even if that’s your lunch break, it will be the 1 hour each week you “gift” to moving yourself forward.

  • PART 1: The first 3 months, you get to LEARN (remember when learning was fun?)
    • 50/50 coaching sessions where each hour is half me training you on a pre-set concept 1 on 1, followed by half open questions and more. 
    • This set of concepts has been hand-picked by me, based on years of life coaching experience, research calls with high-achieving women, and testing with former Burnout to Balance clients (who saw amazing results!).
  • PART 2: After those first 12 weeks, you are out in the WILD. Untamed (but reframed) Practicing the boundaries, mindset shifts, and new habits and rituals that empower you. Using your voice in the wild to set standards you need. Changing your priorities. Finding grace for yourself. 

With a mentor and coach by your side the entire time. 

To encourage you and help you stand firm in your new boundaries and habits.

To hold you accountable.

To help you become some one who has balance in their life.

…I will take you from BURNOUT TO BALANCE in 6 months.

It’s time to put yourself first. And let’s be real. It’s been time for a long time.

You don’t need to waste another day ‘stuck’ in a cycle of burnout.

Your story is just beginning

Burnout to Balance first ran as a program in 2020 (yes, that year)…see what results were achieved!


Immediately after the program:

“Before working with Rose I was constantly in a vicious cycle of burnout. I was constantly questioning myself, I was prioritizing others before me, I was unable to obtain consistency in my work, and I was lacking true vision. Wow – what a difference 6 months can make. I am setting boundaries, and not feeling sorry for it! What?! I truly did not think this was possible for me, and it feels like it happened with such ease. I am closing new business in my personal practice consistently, and I am allowing myself to create space for me, and listening to my mind & body. I went from a score keeper – to a grace giver. I have undergone some major shifts – some that I’ve been aware of, others that I haven’t. What I love about everything I’ve learned is it doesn’t stop here – I continue to learn, grow, and conquer as time evolves.”

–Paige Piotter, 2020

And well after that…a follow up: (WHAT BALANCE CAN BRING)

Under Rose’s coaching, I left a career path I didn’t know that I was miserable walking along and made the decision to live my dreams out loud. I don’t know that without her, I would have been able to dig deep enough to get there. Coaching with Rose didn’t change my life, it changed the trajectory for which I will live, my kids will live, and my kids kids will live. She changed every single one of my relationships for the better because of everything she taught me and guided me through. She helped me become a healthier human, she helped me love myself, and my world around me, in different (read: better) ways. Rose was undoubtedly one of the best investments I have ever made in myself, and if you are thinking about coaching with her – think no more. She IS your gal – everything she brings to your life will have a ripple effect, and stay with you forever.”

–Paige Piotter, 2021 (ig: @paigelophoto)

And for more Rose Up Testimonials, see here!


For the new year, I want to honor the women ready now to seek balance in their lives. I am offering savings of up to $1,000 for upfront payments! Also have standard monthly package options and even payment plans.

We’ll chat about what’s right for you.
NOTE: These discounts & options are not available year round, so take advantage today!

Rose Up Coaching takes payment through Venmo, Zelle, and Paypal (including Credit Cards – so if you want “points for that,” I got youuu)

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