I rose up, and you can too. [ Sent from the future to ensure it's female ]

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[ emotional procrastination ]

Like many high-performing, badass women, I “ain’t got time” for most things. Close-mindedness Slow walkers Fuckboys The patriarchy Your bullshit But sometimes…I even don’t have time to emote. I can feel tears welling or an old wound reopened, but everyone now and again…I save it for later. Like a bag of M&Ms that takes me a …

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The Bitter Empath

You walk into a room. A party. A restaurant. And you read it. You see the writing on the wall. The forest from the trees. You can sense if the mood is good. If it’s sour. If someone is holding back tears. And then you calibrate. Like a machine going into overdrive, your empathic brain …

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“But, but what can ya do?”

Well my friend, you can do quite a freaking lot. It just might not be what you think. Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated with the news lately. You watch as sad stories pile up, you watch as some politicians appear more and more removed, and you listen to leaders discuss your rights, or those of your …

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Generation Why Not?

Say what you will about our generation…But we are getting shit done. We are turning the tables. We are using our voices. And even more importantly, we understand the value of Mental Health. Arguably better than the generations of our parents and grandparents before us. I remember learning in my 11th grade Psych class that …

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There are no more average women.

I refuse to accept anything else. There are no more average women in the world. Not any more. There never was, really. But now, more than any other time in history, we’re making tangible strides. Visible to others. Everyone is listening. And we need to make sure that we don’t fall foot first into that …

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When you’re surrounded.

I knew signing up for a life coach would be transformative. After a year long journey with my coach, I saw results. I saw a change. A fire was lit inside of me. And so I decided to join a MasterMind as well. A collection of other motivated women with an entrepreneurial spirit. While I …