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Waving Goodbye to My Comfort Zone

A speed dating success story <3

I knew going in…it would be interesting. Possibly wonderful. Probably disastrous. Either way, I knew it would be exciting. Nerve-racking. Different. I try to make sure to do new things when I can. Things that scare me. Branch out beyond my bubble. And for a millennial, addicted to my smartphone and used to swiping occasionally on …

Waving Goodbye to My Comfort Zone

Nipple tassels, curtain calls, & women supporting women.

Last Saturday night, I was on stage for the first time in my adult life. And got down to my skivvies. Bra. Bottoms. Fishnet stockings. The works. All in front of a live audience. At a sold out Burlesque show. It was a super chill, low pressure situation. Baha. For many adult women, being on …