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I’m turning into my Mother

As I approach the big “three-oh” this year, I can’t help but wonder how I’ve matured in my twenties, and where life is about to take me in my thirties. Turning 30 is a big life step, and commonly synonymous with becoming more of an adult. Adulting to the next level. And much like many …


Rejection feels great!!

No, that’s not sarcasm. I actually mean it. Hence the 2 exclamation points. (One felt flat) I was rejected this week. And I’m feeling good about it. Here’s what went down: I submitted a piece of writing to a fairly well-known publisher of articles on the interwebs. I worked up the courage over the last week …


You are not alone, girl. xo

I’ve been trying to write. To figure out what to say here. A truly modern conundrum: I know I want a blog, but I don’t know how to get started. I know I am a writer deep inside, but I’ve written nothing public. That said, I cannot be a writer if I continue not to …