A little about me and my journey to starting Rose Up Coaching…

An unspoken angst
I struggled for years with a problem that most would define as *not* a problem – ha!

See, I had all the “good things” on paper – a successful career, a long-term significant 099F2A9D-0E65-4270-AEED-95499F76608F 2other, my own place, and a thriving social life.

But what people didn’t see was that I felt stuck. I felt like I woke up one day in a life that I thought I had created as an independent woman, but one that was actually cultivated for me after a series of decisions that never put ME first. And it had me frustrated, crying in closets (a strange comfort), constantly feeling burnt out, and not understanding why my loved ones couldn’t make me feel happier.

A call to change
After years of therapy, I already knew that these new issues didn’t stem from avoiding past trauma or not working through my own feelings…I had done that. I had worked through PTSD, emotional abuse, people pleasing, trauma triggers, and more.  I had delved into my past, confronted it head on, and came out the other side as a resilient high-achieving woman.

Which is why I realized that this “stuck” feeling had everything to do with being disconnected from my inner voice. So I hired my first life coach, eager to push forward. And started the WORK.

By working through awareness, gratitude, boundaries, manifestation, limiting beliefs, and more, I realized that my existing resilience had over time become stagnant potential.

Through coaching, I started to change. I started participating in activism again. I started creating – writing, painting, drawing. I broke it off with my current SO. Faded away from toxic environments and people in my life. And I ultimately changed my life…for me.

The future is female
I won’t lie. The 2016 election broke me a little. It made me feel like the reality I knew (in my little metropolitan, liberal elite bubble) wasn’t true, and like we had so, so much more to do as a society.

Looking back, I can find a small amount of gratitude for this moment in time because of how it opened my eyes…but at the time, it was a call to action that I needed to do more.

I knew that feeling stuck in my career was partly due to not feeling like I was giving back. In a way that could change the world as we knew it.

And what I realized through my own journey with re-finding my voice and my passion, was that in order to make sure the Future is Female and smash the patriarchy, I had to start by helping other women like me, find themselves again.

Because if high-achieving, highly-empathetic women could figure out their purpose, passion, and needs – imagine how they could shape the world (without conforming to the patriarchy, mind you).

That’s a world I want.

My own businessLOGO
So I realized I must lead by example. I must show women what is possible. And help them in return.

I started Rose Up Coaching in Fall 2018, and have since coached dozens of women through 1 on 1 coaching, bootcamps, trainings, Facebook groups and more.

With my coaching, background, and tailored approach, my clients have achieved lucrative promotions, career changes, financial freedom, new business launches, and healthy boundaries. 

But Rose Up doesn’t simply apply to my coaching business, it’s also how I live my life.

I am also a feminist and artist. A visionary of what the future can become.

And a fellow human that believes in each and every one of you.

Rose Up

Client Testimonials:

“[Rose’s] lessons and way of presenting really hit home for me, a (late) 20 something who has always struggled with being happy and content. I definitely took away some core lessons that I’ve applied to my life daily that have helped me achieve a higher level of happiness and gratefulness for what I have. Thank you Rose!” 

“Rose exudes the happiness that I want to feel in my life. She is so honest and open about her journey that it inspires me to believe I can get the same results. Her down to earth delivery is so relatable it makes me want to follow her and and her path to my dream life. She challenges all my inner thoughts that I didn’t even know I had. I can’t wait to see what I’m capable of with the tools she has taught me.”

“Rose is a beam of empowerment that any woman would delight in basking in. If you are a woman on a mission to ditch the anxiety ridden existence that can be being a female in this day in age in favor of loving your life, she’s an incredible resource worth reaching out to!”

“Not only does Rose provide the additional support I need, she also has provided a framework to help me identify the changes I want to make to ultimately be the best version of myself.”