Rising Up Community

RISING UP: A Free Facebook Community

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A safe space to grow. This is a group for womxn who are resilient – trying every day to step into the independent, badass, empowered womxn they know they can be. Womxn who know there is more to learn, and are open to evolving. After all resilience is a life long lesson.

With this group you will learn about boundaries, overcoming burnout, abundance, and more – all helping you achieve the life you deserve.

This group is organized by me, Rose Up of Rose Up Coaching, but it is fueled by YOU – the community. Every time you show up in this group ready to be coached, open to advice, and willing to get vulnerable with each other, you are creating a supportive environment for everyone.

Together we will rise up.

Sign up below to join my free Facebook group and get some accountability in your life:

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