So you’ve gotten yourself here…that means you know you’re a high achiever ready for more.
(I only work with people who are growth minded…if you want to resist help & growth all day every day, please look elsewhere!).

Let’s get activating…what’s your need?


Professional Development Materials & Consulting
You deserve to design the best & most balanced career for yourself

  • Resumes – for promotions, job changes, career changes & more (starting as low as $150 packages)
  • Professional “story” development
    • Site About Me – copy and story creation
    • LinkedIn Strategy
  • Interview Prep and Professional confidence
  • Team support – including finding you help – job description writing, attracting the right help, creating a team / finding solutions, onboarding, morale boosting

Recent client feedback:

“Rose is absolutely amazing to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough! She brings a lot to the table with creative and strategic thinking!” – Marketing Strategist, May 2022

Consummate professional. She is a WIZARD. Highly recommend!” Copywriter, May 2022


Personal Branding Consulting & Creation
Knowing who you are opens doors – attract in and attract out when you raise your vibration.

  • Personal “Story” Development
    • For job hunts
    • For client hunts/lead gen
    • (or any kind of relationship building)
  • Personal Story & Brand Confidence
    • Networking
    • Dating
    • Career changes
  • Public & Professional Persona


Life Coaching & Consulting

Is this for you? I cover some or all of the below:

  • Personal crossroads – you feel like you’re not sure if you can trust your judgement – even though you’re normally a very high achieving, dependable person, you feel like you can’t see the picture clearly (the vision is gone, the intention isn’t there)…but you’re allergic to “shoulding” all over yourself or playing by other people’s rules
  • Stepping into integrity – you want to show up like the person everyone thinks you are – but you feel misunderstood or under appreciated
  • Boundaries/Standards Raising – feels like you’re known as a “badass” to most of your friends, but there’s areas of your life where the boundaries feel weak or “porous,” and like you don’t stand up for yourself (in dating, work, etc).
  • Auditing + Assessing where you’re activated or not / what are you ignoring

This is deeper work here – mindset work, inner work – as my clients call me “Sherlock” we will find together what’s holding you back – then release it, find a solution for it, or abolish it

3-6 month packages

I will teach you tools including boundaries, balance, using your voice, and intentional living to reconnect you to yourself and activate that highest level. At 90 to 180 days, these are “sprint” engagements compared to typical life coaching – I want to help you activate, accelerate, and take action…quickly (my speciality).

  • You’ll set boundaries, standards, and intentions that align with your highest self (and most of all, you’ll get your voice back)
  • Weekly or bi-weekly call options – 30-60 minute check in calls
    PLUS always on support from me via messenger/email/text


Custom Engagements & Experiences
These might be add ons to the above, or something all on it’s own…let’s get creative…

  • Why a custom engagement/experience?
    • Because you don’t have the headspace, time or more to wait for your next transformation – sometimes it takes MASSIVE action
    • Receiving is the first lesson anyways
  • Custom packages *might* include: experiences, VIP days, closet/home overhaul, team development (hiring your personal team/connecting you to other experts), & so much more.

Let’s talk – for a custom engagements, I require an interview so I can get a sense of what you’re looking for

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