I rose up, and you can too. [ Sent from the future to ensure it's female ]

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Why aren’t I different yet??!

We all hear about people’s transformations. Their huge life change. Their inner growth. “Transformation” is a borderline buzz word now, and it’s starting to get drowned out by a sea of self help gurus. But there’s a dirty truth about transformation. IT’S ACTUALLY DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE. Different schedule. Different execution. Different. Sucks right? As life …

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[ emotional procrastination ]

Like many high-performing, badass women, I “ain’t got time” for most things. Close-mindedness Slow walkers Fuckboys The patriarchy Your bullshit But sometimes…I even don’t have time to emote. I can feel tears welling or an old wound reopened, but everyone now and again…I save it for later. Like a bag of M&Ms that takes me a …


Please. Check on your strong friend.

In light (or dark, depending on how you look at it), of a teen Parkland Shooting survivor dying from suicide last weekend…I feel the need to bring up a pretty important topic. CHECK ON YOUR STRONG FRIEND.  Do it now. Do it tomorrow. Do it often. For they carry the weight of the world most …

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RE: FWD: Emotions at Work

“Behind every great woman, there is a friend re-reading her email to make sure it sounds professional.” This is a post/tweet/meme I’ve seen circulating for years now. And it’s true. As women, we scrutinize and analyze our communications in the workplace to ensure they are devoid of emotion. We take out expletives when we’re writing …

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The Bitter Empath

You walk into a room. A party. A restaurant. And you read it. You see the writing on the wall. The forest from the trees. You can sense if the mood is good. If it’s sour. If someone is holding back tears. And then you calibrate. Like a machine going into overdrive, your empathic brain …


On “reading the air” & empathy

Over beers with an old friend last night, I learned a phrase I’ve never heard before. “Kuuki Yomenai” is a Japanese term that can be literally translated to “can’t read the air.” It is typically used to describe someone who has difficulty reading social situations. They can’t quite “read the room” as they say. They’re …