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Life Coaching

There are no more average women.

I refuse to accept anything else. There are no more average women in the world. Not any more. There never was, really. But now, more than any other time in history, we’re making tangible strides. Visible to others. Everyone is listening. And we need to make sure that we don’t fall foot first into that …

Self Confidence

Ain’t your mAnIc PiXiE dReAm GIrL

Look elsewhere. It’s not me. To the men out there…you may have been hooked if you met me when my hair was pink, or rose gold, or some combo in between. You may have been enchanted when you found out my hobbies include painting, seeing improv, writing (and now Burlesque). It may have also been …

Life Coaching

When you’re surrounded.

I knew signing up for a life coach would be transformative. After a year long journey with my coach, I saw results. I saw a change. A fire was lit inside of me. And so I decided to join a MasterMind as well. A collection of other motivated women with an entrepreneurial spirit. While I …