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Who arrrre you? Who Who?

TBH, I’ve done quite a bit of online dating. Starting all the way “back in the day” I used to have Myspace boyfriends (the kind where you never meet but message every day. Ha). I’ve done OKCupid, answering all the personality questions. I’ve tried Tinder, receiving explicit messages at 4am (no thanks). And more recently, […]

A speed dating success story <3

I knew going in…it would be interesting. Possibly wonderful. Probably¬†disastrous. Either way, I knew it would be exciting. Nerve-racking. Different. I try to make sure to do new things when I can. Things that scare me. Branch out beyond my bubble. And for a millennial, addicted to my smartphone and used to swiping occasionally on […]

New Orleans vs. all y’all…

Mid-way through a clean snap of tail from body, the spicy, garlicky juice of a freshly-boiled crawfish squirted directly in my eyeball. That’s the risk that comes with attending a free-for-all, crawfish boil at 10pm on a Sunday night. But¬†I happily rinsed out my eye in the bathroom and came back for more. My lips […]

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