Woman Up Current Enrollment Period has closed as of 8/5/22

You can join the WAIT LIST HERE to be kept up to date on all things Woman Up and be ready for our next membership enrollment period!

In the mean time…Grab our Systems Detox self-paced course.

This is a 3 part video series and worksheet to do at your own pace that helps you audit your life, business, and mindset around oppressive systems. 

Is your first reaction to blame yourself and go into the shame spiral?

Are you looking at the industry noticing something is not adding up, but you don’t know what it is?

This is for you. This explains why you blame yourself first, how you and your clients have internalized oppressive systems, and how to detox from it to have a more successful and impactful life and business. 

This is beneficial for everyone and if you are a business owner or coach, you need this. Without knowing how the systems are affecting you, your clients, or your business then there is a gap of how you can serve on an even greater level. 


  • 3 video recordings
  • 3 worksheets
  • PLUS: A discount to Woman Up

$179 for the entire trainings bundle!

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