Now, we’re not here for performative disruption for the sake of disruption – for fame or fans. 

We’re here for constructive disruption. The disruption that asks, “Why?” The disruption that challenges our fears and faces what others have said is impossible…maybe even what we have told ourselves is impossible. 

We want change for the sake of humanity. For the sake of sustainable change balanced with joy, pleasure, play, and impact.

You can be an activist and enjoy your life. 

You can be that #bossbabe and still want someone else to be the #bossinbed.

You can be spiritual and want to see change in this world.

You can want impact, identify as spiritual, and want to be a magnet for money and wealth. 

Love and light isn’t the only way. There’s another way – one that actually validates how you feel and what you’re going through.

Leave the good girl behind…it’s time to Woman UP.

The cat’s out the bag…we’ve created something that is changing the industry. It’s about to change thousands of women’s lives…drum roll:


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