There is a way forward.

There is a way up. 

It can feel like everything is a holding pattern, but we’re here to show you, you can dream again. In fact, it’s imperative you dream again.

There is a way to dream forward that is innovative, new, and transformative. Where we leave the old ways behind. The ones that say we’re not enough and hold us in rigid boxes. 

It’s time to Woman Up. 

It’s time to build up your self-trust. 

To take back your strength. 

And combine the power of your own growth with moving the world forward.


Every woman holds enough power to change the world. That’s not the problem.

The problem is she doesn’t feel worthy of the power and using the power to speak up because of the systems of oppression that have kept her small.

Systems designed to tell you: You aren’t good enough. You aren’t worthy. There is no hope anyway, so don’t fight. 

We are here to remind you of something you already know… EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE IS A LIE. 

Yet these things are true:

  • The pay gap hasn’t gone anywhere – it’s actually gotten worse.
  • Yet the Emotional Labor is more than ever.
  • Work life balance is completely askew.
  • Diet culture is stronger than ever while beauty standards are changing at breakneck pace. 
  • Mainstream leaders (mainly white) would have us believe there’s no room for activism in spirituality and personal “awakening”.

How do we keep up with all this?

 And we believe that there is always room for joy. 

Assuming that every woman is responsible for the weight of the world and empaths are the problem, is bullshit. 

There is room for it all. For the existential questions AND hope. For the deeply sensitive and loving empaths AND boundaries. For the legacy driven people to change the world AND rest.

There is room to be human. There is room to question, care, and have hope. 

In fact, hope is the only thing that will ever change anything.

Welcome to Woman Up: The Virtual Women’s Day Summit

Where in 3 days, you will learn (or relearn) that…

You can be spiritual and an activist. 

Imagine walking away knowing how you can help in the world. How you can embody spirituality and you can be a powerful, everyday activist simultaneously. And instead of feeling hopeless when interacting with the world, you know your impact, and see your everyday leadership. 

Signs of a strong woman. 

Are not just independence and self-reliance. They are not putting yourself on an island, hopeless to ever feel like you again. We cannot do this alone. We are not meant to do this alone. We are meant to do this in community and rise together.

You don’t need a guru or serious daily practice.

You can trust yourself again. You can trust yourself to have your own back. This is the moment where you stop giving your power away and hold that hope that you know the way forward. And…it all doesn’t have to be so serious.

Woman Up means giving back…

3/9 update: We are so proud to report that this Summit has raised hundreds in donations for the Hello 7 Foundation – the impact will be felt.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day this week, we have now chosen to send emergency support women across the world from us. All extra donations or additional tickets starting now through the end of the week will not only grant you access to our 3-day Woman Up Virtual Summit that has just kicked off, but will also now go to the UN Women organization helping Ukraine. They are working to protect & empower Ukrainian girls & women and support refugees in their moment of need…which is now. This Summit has always been about service…and support. Thank you for helping us respond to and support women in every way we can throughout this special week.

Of course, you buying a ticket – that makes your life better, brings you joy, brings you growth, enhances your life – is also going to make a difference in other’s lives.

You are that impactful. Your life truly matters and this is just one example of how investing in yourself gives back in so many ways.

Meet The Speakers

Join us for 3 days (March 8th -10th) over zoom in the Facebook group as we blow our minds to what is possible for us and start the conversations no one else is having.

We will have a line up of incredible speakers from all backgrounds and experts in their field to learn with, grow with, and be inspired by. We have incredible giveaways and surprises that will leave you in awe. There is no other summit out there like this…all here to serve you and the world.

Meet our first rounds of speakers we can share (more to be announced asap!)

Anna (aka akprzy) is a video creator on Instagram & Tiktok. Self described as a “cheeseburger enthusiast” and “elder Millennial,” she brings humor and realness to popular personal development topics. You can typically find her screaming in her bathrobe up to the universe while explaining afterwards, “It’s called manifesting, look it up.” With a mission to further mental health awareness, her not-so-serious tone and approach brings people together and allows them to laugh a little at all the inner work and pressure we can feel. 

Cortney is a transformative Style coach. She helps to empower, educate, and inspire women to level up their confidence and become magnetic by leveraging the power of their style and feminine energy.

Dr. Peace Uche, aka doc.Peace, is a retired Doctor, Forbes-featured Empowerment & Pivot Coach, Spoken Word Artist, and podcast host (where she features NFT creatives & celebrities). She transitioned from a corporate career as a Doctor of Pharmacy to realign with her soul purpose: to help others align with their soul purpose & achieve their version of success. Today she does this by amplifying voices of NFT creatives, acting as a Tribe X Insider (a community-driven NFT project), and serving as the official ChangeDAO Changemaker for Education – supporting service providers in pivoting their services to provide them to the NFT Community & helping NFT creatives gain visibility in the space.

Jamal is a nano content creator on Instagram and TikTok with her niche being in holistic healing and conscious living. Her brand values are authenticity, building trust through storytelling and being vulnerable with her challenges. During the lockdown in 2020, she wrote a lot and turned everything into poetry, self publishing her first book by November that year. This led her on a journey of self discovery and helped her realize the inner resilience we have as women – so she was inspired to share it with all her sisters. Jamal is an unapologetic brown Muslim woman who lives in Northern Alberta, Canada with her husband and her 5 year old himalayan cat Mia.

John is “just a human who strives to be a lighthouse, a light shining through the darkness.” He believes it is his job to be vulnerable and share his soul’s mission, and he does his best to let that shine through while taking photos, painting, writing, modeling, and creating alongside the REVIVEcollective community. He feels lucky to have women in his life who have supported him and helped him be the person he is. He wants to build women up like they’ve built him.

Kendra is a co-owner & Principal Consultant at TransformED Leaders, an education consulting company based in Charlotte, NC. During her time as a middle school principal, Kendra developed a core belief that school leaders need the support of strong leadership teams in order to create lasting change. Through TransformED Leaders, Kendra and her husband Damian support school leaders and districts by creating and delivering highly effective leadership training, coaching, and communities of practice. Kendra has 13 years of experience in various educational leadership roles including building and leading three schools from the ground up – a preschool, an elementary school, and a middle school. Kendra is a native of Kansas City, Missouri.  She graduated from the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (cum laude) and a minor in African American studies. She holds a Masters of Education in Leadership and Organizational Performance from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University, and she earned her K-12 School Administrator License from the School Executives Leadership Academy at Queens University of Charlotte.

Molly is a Body Image Coach and Mentor. She works with women who have decided to ditch dieting and now they feel uncomfortable in their body. The women she works with value authenticity but they feel held back from being fully themselves because of their body image. Molly helps them reconnect with their body so they can be unapologetically themselves, share their big gifts with the world and live their life authentically! She also works with professionals who are struggling to support their clients through body image barriers and equips them with the tools that fit them and their practice best so their clients can thrive!

Whitney is a queer actor and life coach who takes herself very seriously. In addition to acting and coaching, she also has the hubris to write, improvise, direct and produce her own award-winning work. Some have even called her the next Phoebe Waller-Bridge meets Mindy Kaling meets Tina Fey. (Disclaimer from Whitney’s lawyer: Whitney mentioned this to Tina Fey at a party once, who did not “appreciate the comparison.”) Most recently, Whitney can be seen recurring on season two of HBO’s Love Life. Whitney was a contributing writer on The Hating Game (starring Lucy Hale) and developed with Hooked Media. Dedicated to inclusion and mentorship, Whitney owns Abundant Artist Coaching (a life coaching program for artists) and Hysterical Women Films, a production company dedicated to making dark comedies as funny, complex and weird as the people who make them.

About Woman Up

Woman Up is a woman-led digital collective and movement created by Rose Evelyn and Jillie Johnston in 2021. Our mission is to guide the way of women supporting women: cultivating everyday leadership, advocacy & activism, while always having space for humanness and joy. In Woman Up, we want you to: ARRIVE AT YOUR GRAVE WITH BRAKES SQUEALING KNOWING YOU LIVED YOUR LIFE BIG, ANOINT YOUR GUILD, AND FUCK SOCIETY’S MEASURING STICK. Click here to learn more.

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