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Redefining Success (and how it makes your life better)

There’s a discontentment stirring and occurring amidst feelings of languishing, boredom, and overall frustration with the circumstances of the world as it stands right now. (Cut to everyone doom scrolling while simultaneously imagining they can be the next TikTok star) It’s causing things like the very seriously-named “Great Resignation” where millions of Americans are leaving […]

Why aren’t I different yet??!

We all hear about people’s transformations. Their huge life change. Their inner growth. “Transformation” is a borderline buzz word now, and it’s starting to get drowned out by a sea of self help gurus. But there’s a dirty truth about transformation. IT’S ACTUALLY DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE. Different schedule. Different execution. Different. Sucks right? As life […]

[ emotional procrastination ]

Like many high-performing, badass women, I “ain’t got time” for most things. Close-mindedness Slow walkers Fuckboys The patriarchy Your bullshit But sometimes…I even don’t have time to emote. I can feel tears welling or an old wound reopened, but everyone now and again…I save it for later. Like a bag of M&Ms that takes me a […]

Movie Montage Syndrome (and how to fix it)

Let’s admit it. We all want the movie montage. To the next big thing. Personal milestones like: The dream job. The finished project. The Instagram following (woof). Or even lifetime milestones we feel pressure about: Meeting the perfect partner. The wedding. The kids? (and not everyone wants that, btw) Sometimes it’s to skip ahead to […]

RE: FWD: Emotions at Work

“Behind every great woman, there is a friend re-reading her email to make sure it sounds professional.” This is a post/tweet/meme I’ve seen circulating for years now. And it’s true. As women, we scrutinize and analyze our communications in the workplace to ensure they are devoid of emotion. We take out expletives when we’re writing […]

Shine on.

I’ve just finished the in-flight crossword. I typically finish it by the time we’ve reached a cruising altitude – it’s the first thing I do on every flight. This being at least the 12th plane I’ve been on this year, I’ve started to notice the things I do every time. Mini rituals that make flying […]

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