I help women who are high achieving and (often) hard-headed. 

To an extent…

High-achieving enough to be open to life long learning. To recognize that there’s got to be “something better.” Or know they are stuck. 

And hard-headed enough to be committed to your own growth. All that resilience and perseverance and strength has served you up until this point…but has likely helped you survive. Now is your chance to thrive. 

“It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.” – The Invitation

You are a good person at the core. You care about others. You put in 110% at work. You are there for everyone. You read self help books and try to organize yourself in your planner. 

You are everything to everyone, and thus, there is nothing left for you. You constantly feel burnt out, beat up, and like you just aren’t “enough” for anyone, especially yourself. You’ve heard of boundaries, but you’re not sure you’re setting them correctly. It seems hard to make new friends or deep connections. And it feels like no one cares about your goals. 

But there was a time in life where things felt easy, where balance came naturally, and where you got to play. You got to live your life instead of it living you. 

That is version of you is still available. You’ve just pushed her away. You’ve denied yourself your own voice and your own life for so long. And it got you STRESSED OUT, LOSING SLEEP, and FEELING BITTER. 

I always say, the first sign of someone needing balance in their life is JEALOUSY. If you can think of 1 real life person (not a celebrity or instagram influencer) right now that you envy… someone with work/life balance or who seems to “have it all” …that’s your sign. 



You have the power within you to seek the version of you that is happy, leads by example, is healthy, wealthy, and has abundant beautiful relationships. Who helps her community. Who has the space and energy and focus to achieve her goals, and still has time for her. It’s not out of reach, it’s out of your current awareness.

If you can commit to showing up vulnerably, learning about yourself, and changing your habits. You can access that version of yourself. 

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